Attiny Arcade keychain game kit

Attiny Arcade playing UFO EscapeAll the latest code and pcb files are available on github, go make!

If you want to get in touch about the kit please tweet @webboggles, otherwise you might find that it takes me a long time to reply to comments here.

Well you aren’t going to run DOOM on an 8K chip but its still capable enough to run some classics. See the Github repos, there are a few there.

New Board!
I am using OSH Park to manufacture the PCBs and they are doing a great job! Purple solder mask and immersion gold finish, don’t they look good?

You will also notice that I cut a hole to fit the 15mm piezo element flush with the board. This makes it so much neater.

img_3415 img_3416


Dev repos

Ilya’s git repo:
Andy’s git repo:

Other resourses
Assembly step by step .pdf
UFO Escape.ino
Canond DSLR Remote.ino (add 940nm IR LED to piezo pads)
PCB printable .pdf Please note the sck and scl pins in this older design are swapped around, you will need to amend these in the sketch if the screen doesn’t turn on.
3D printable snap case .stl files or on Thingiverse
SSD1306 library courtesy of Tinusaur

Everything above in one Google Drive folder

Update 2017/01/13: Andy Jackson refactored game code to fit two games in one cketch (
Update 2017/01/22: Awesome “Space Attack” game by Andy Jackson:
Update: 2017/02/26: Andy’s repo (Wren Rollercoaster, Space Attack, UFO Stacker, Bat Bonanza)

The kit:

For soldered componenent placement refer to the assembly .pdf

New assembly video using the latest revision board.

DIY pcb assembly video:

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Wacom Intuos Pro manufacturing fault leads to loss of touch.

I love using my Wacom for work and carry it around on daily basis. Recently the touch stopped working.

As the tablet is 3 years old and out of warranty I decided to disassemble it and peek inside to see if I could mend it myself.

And here is the problem — the USB connector’s sharp edge rubs against the ribbon cable from the touch sensor and with time cuts through the traces on the ribbon cable.


A closer look at the damaged trace with the protective tape removed:


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Attiny85 UFO Escape Keychain Game

UPDATE: assembly instructions

I finally had some free time to make something fun and decided to write a new game for the Attiny85 ssd1306 keychain.  I reused the sleep, display and interrupts code from the “Breakout” game I created a while ago.

This time I wanted a more addictive game. The game had to be playable using just the two buttons. I thought a racing game might be a good choice but the landscape screen is more suitable for a side-scroller. So I settled for an obstacle avoiding side scroller. Similar games include the recent Flappy Bird, Nyan Cat and many variations of the Helicopter game.

The flying saucer is propelled with the left button while the right button is used to shoot through force fields. The game gets harder as you play:

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Blue Screen of Death Caused by Wacom Driver

So if you get a blue screen of death when using a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet on your desktop, the Wacom driver may be to blame. The error message reads DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE 0x0000009f

In my case the issue was preceeded by the tablet switching off when I plugged the usb cable in.

To fix the issue, unistall the Wacom tablet in Control Panel > Applications and Features, then restart and reinstall. The issue should go away.

Virtual Tour Online Embedder

There are plenty of ways to use your equirectangular panoramas online. The main downside of the programs offering this functionality is the fiddly time consuming process you have to go through to publish the panoramas online, whether they have been saved as an .swf or as an html package. If you want compatibility you’d go with html and get a folder with half a dozen files that you have to upload to the website. If you want use these in a blog post then you would have to use ftp to upload the files. I wanted a simple to use tool that would take care of the embedding the panoramas and minimise the work involved. Here is how it goes: Continue reading Virtual Tour Online Embedder

Hover compatibility of dropdown menus on touch devices.

I’ve seen different attempts to make the dropdown menus work intuitively on touch devices and while some are trying to utilise the double tap (not the best as this triggers zoom) and various jquery contraptions, all you need is for the top level link to ignore the first tap and let the user see the dropdown.

This can be done by placing a bit of javascript into the onclick property of the anchor tag that prevents location change and self destructs so the link becomes clickable on the second interaction:

<a onclick="if ('ontouchstart' in document.documentElement){this.onclick=''; return false;}" href="/news/">News</a>