Attiny85 Canon DSLR IR Remote

A nice use for the Attiny85 — a canon DSLR infrared remote. Canon keychain IR remote Parts required
  • Attiny85 microcontroller
  • NPN transistor
  • 3.3 or 5 V voltage regulator
  • Pushbutton
  • Infrared led
  • 12v car key/alarm battery
  • Some copper clad board
Design the PCB pcb layout   Tweak the design for better looks in Illustrator...
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Attiny85 10 LED POV

pov attiny85 I've been looking to get to grips with EAGLE PCB layout software and this was a great project to start with. Attiny POV The idea behind persistence of vision is that an array of led pixels blinks out...
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PWM Servo Control with attiny85

Pursuing an idea to create a fully automated lightweight 360°  bracket that would work with pocket cameras I came across a challenge. _MG_5564_web The starting point for the project was a 15kg torque mg995 servo powerful enough to move the camera when powered from a small 3v battery. I...
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Fix missing "package" button in indesign

Had this odd problem saving some artwork for print. Went to package and the whole chunk of the menu was missing including the preflight etc.

Easy fix:
Apparently I ran out of disk space and the memory was all used up when I was launching indesign so the package plugin didn't load. The buttons come...
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Low search volume keywords optimization

You may have heard about the low search volume keywords. Today I want to share an example where the whole content is targeted at low search volume keywords.

This method of optimisation is guaranteed to work. Here's why:
  1. The keywords are very specific.
  2. Low search volume means that there is no, or very little competition.
  3. You'll be surprised...
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