Hover compatibility of dropdown menus on touch devices.

I’ve seen different attempts to make the dropdown menus work intuitively on touch devices and while some are trying to utilise the double tap (not the best as this triggers zoom) and various jquery contraptions, all you need is for the top level link to ignore the first tap and let the user see the dropdown.

This can be done by placing a bit of javascript into the onclick property of the anchor tag that prevents location change and self destructs so the link becomes clickable on the second interaction:

<a onclick="if ('ontouchstart' in document.documentElement){this.onclick=''; return false;}" href="/news/">News</a>

Attiny85 Breakout Keychain Game

attiny So, what can you do with Attiny’s 5 i/o pins?

UPDATE: New game, “UFO Escape” side scroller


I saw this great Attiny OLED project on http://tinusaur.wordpress.com/ and decided to try out the screen (It will be very handy as a mode display for a remote for my http://orb.photo/ project)

So I set out to make myself familiar with the screen and make something fun in the process. I made a remix of the classic breakout game, here is a video of the gameplay:

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PWM Servo Control with attiny85

Pursuing an idea to create a fully automated lightweight 360°  bracket that would work with pocket cameras I came across a challenge.


The starting point for the project was a 15kg torque mg995 servo powerful enough to move the camera when powered from a small 3v battery. I was planning to use an arduino programmed Attiny85 controller to drive the servo which is where I got stuck at first.

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